Dear Friends of Planet Report,


My husband, Jeffrey Lederman, Founder and President of Planet Report, Inc. (“Planet Report”) passed away on September 21, 2007 after a very courageous battle with pancreatic cancer.

Rather than sell Planet Report, or allow anyone to take over or continue Jeffrey’s business, I made a painstaking and deliberate decision to permanently close the Company.  Sadly, Planet Report, Inc. no longer exists.

Without Jeffrey, there simply could be no “Planet Report.”  His unstoppable energy, creativity, and devotion to our nation’s teachers, students, and advertisers fueled his beautiful creation.  Anyone who knew Jeffrey well also knew that there could be no replacement or second act to such a dynamic and gifted person.  He truly was the heart of his Company, and it was his own talent and genius that lay behind the success of Planet Report.

On behalf of Jeffrey, thank you to our advertisers for your continued loyalty throughout the years.  Thank you to our vendors who helped to bring Jeffrey’s creations to life.  And finally, thank you to our nation’s teachers and students, whose appreciation and love for our Planet Report materials brought great joy and fulfillment every day to all of us at Planet Report.

As a request to our former advertisers and vendors, I must ask that you please do not confuse Planet Report, Inc. with any other companies in the educational publishing field bearing a name which may be similar to ours.  Your vigilance in this matter should help to avoid any future billing problems or confusion.  PLANET REPORT, INC. DOES NOT EXIST, IS NO LONGER IN OPERATION, AND IS NOT BEING CARRIED ON OR CONTINUED UNDER ANY SIMILAR NAME.

In closing, I can only say that Jeffrey left this world a much better place, and we will all deeply miss him.

Very truly yours,

Judy Lederman

Planet Report, Inc.